Tax season is here once again, if you filed an extension back on May 17, 2021. Then you know It’s time to file your 2020 tax returns on October 15, 2021. For many Individuals who filed for this extension; it’s time to get your finance in order and talk to you tax advisor. These are three things to keep in mind when you see your tax professional:

  1. Get Your Ducks in Order

Working with customers for the last five years has taught us to always give my clients a check-list. These check lists contain items they need for our appointment. There is nothing more upsetting for an Individual than walking into the office only to have forgotten a tax document; significant to the preparation of their tax returns; the most common forms are 1099 and W-2 forms. Remember, always make a check list of the Items you will need for your appointment. 

2. Tax Write Offs 

Keeping a log of all your expenses will shorten your visit at the office. In many cases keeping a simple log of your total expenses will save you time and money. Many tax professionals may charge you an extra fee for managing your accounting. Keeping your expenses organized will also make your life easier if you’re ever chosen for a surprise audit.

3. Set up an Appointment 

With COVID restrictions, many tax offices will keep a conservative number of customers and employees on their premises; therefore,  it’s very crucial that you take the time to call your tax advisor in advance and make an appointment. If you’re concerned about social distancing or for whatever reason can’t make an in person appointment; you should ask if your tax office does virtual appointments. Another option will be seeking an agency that does accommodate their customers with virtual appointments. 

Remember! following these three easy steps will make your experience less stressful when you’re at your tax appointment. Asking questions in advance will also help you expedite you tax appointment. At Barron Income Tax, we’re open all year long to help our customers with their tax needs; if you’re looking for a tax professional feel free to reach out at (760)536-3934 or email us at