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What does a Notary Public mean?

If you are the one who engages in business outside his country or deals with overseas legal documents, you need a public notary.  You must get your documents verified by him/her because nowadays forgery, fraud theft of identity has become common, and it is hard to find the culprit or resolve the matter. To save yourself from fraud, you must get the help of a public notary.

When we want to make sure that the identities, signatures, and documents to be signed are authentic, the service of a public notary is indispensable. The purpose of getting a public notary’s help is to make sure that you, as a client, may not engage in any fraud, and you may also be protected from any fraud when you are dealing with individuals you do not know.

What does a Notary Public mean?

The Secretary of State grants four-year notary public commissions to qualified persons, who meet the state requirements.  A notary works as a neutral eyewitness who performs different official tasks connected with signing essential papers to verify all of the parties. Notaries, like the judicial officers, abide by documented rules.

Work of a Public Notary?

  • Ensures that the people about to sign the papers are willing to sign the documents without being forced to do so.
  • Make sure that you know what you are signing.
  • Screens those who are signing relevant documents to know about their identity.

For a few notarizations, an oath is required from the people signing a legal document so that the information shared may be correct.

Some of the most common documents are:

Living Trust/Trust documents, A trust is a fiduciary arrangement that allows a third party, or trustee, to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary or beneficiaries.

Loan Signing, usually Involves signing loan & escrow documents for an individual or an institution.

Copy of a birth certificate, in most states if you want to obtain a copy of a birth certificate, you will need a public notary to verify your identity.

Legal documents, something a lawyer may ask that you have a document notarized for legal purposes.

A notary’s neutrality is the fundamental thing in his job. This is what builds the trust of the public in him. A notary does not take up a case due to self-interest. A Notary is not supposed to be affected by caste, religious beliefs, ethnicity, political beliefs, or sexuality. He works with impartiality, serving everybody.

A Notary is an official who represents the state he belongs to. A Notary performs a multitude of tasks to make the society thrive.

Significance of a Notary’s Work

A Notary helps you by explaining the legal documents you are going to sign, and he also protects his client from fraud. He also makes sure that his client is a willing participant.

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