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​Personal Tax Preparation

Welcome to Barron Income Tax

We have been serving the community of vista for over five years; during these five years we have committed to helping our customers in any part of the United States. For these reasons, we’re proud to help other communities around the country; now serving all 52 states in the United States. Our staff are well trained to help individuals with their financial needs, we help our customers with their: personal tax returns, amend previous tax returns, and take advantage of all the applicable credits customers are entitled to receiving.

Benefits of working with tax professionals at Barron Income Tax

They’re several benefits of working with a tax professional; first, they’re able to interview you by asking questions to determine the best approach based on your financial situation, meaning they can determine which credits or write off’s you may be eligible for. Second, we’re open all year long to serve you any time; not like other agencies that close after tax season. Finally, we offer other services such as Public Notary and DMV registration services to help in the event you need to skip the line at the DMV or get a document notarized.


Our prices are very affordable & reasonable, we’re not the type of company that will charge $300 for simple tax returns. Our prices for individual & joint tax returns will vary between $80-$150, so you don’t have to worry about paying a high price to file your tax returns.